Post modern Collection


The reason for crushing toy cars goes way back. When I was a child I tried to crash small toy cars in a bench-vice. Now, many years later, I am able to control six million kilograms with an eight meter high hydraulic press. The inner child in me made me very curious, so it did not take long before the first toy cars where totally flat.

What I really like about pressing cars, is the fact that the cars will never crush in the same way. If I press two identical cars, they will always come out differently. The curated input in combination with the unpredictable outcome of the machine creates always a unique art piece.

The toy cars are collected in many different ways. Some are from second hand shops, other are from flea markets or people who donate them because they got forgotten and dusty in the attic. The challenge is to find rare toy cars and the ones that are characteristic and create a story of their own.

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Material: polished aluminium
Dimensions: 148 x 105 mm
For: Post modern Collection



  • Job van den Berg

  • Job van den Berg

  • Job van den Berg

    Little Battle